Telehandler Dust Fighter

ACE PLANT & A R DEMOLITION have collaborated to produce this specialist Dust Fighter for high-level Dust Suppression applications.

Mounted on an 18m telehandler complete with three on-board water tanks and a generator, this high-level Dust Fighter is completely self-contained. It can be moved and positioned around site freely, with no hoses or electrical cables becoming a trip hazard under-foot. The unit is powered by an on-board generator system, meaning that once the telehandler is positioned, the operator is available for other tasks instead of having to remain in the telehandler cab.

The principle of utilising a high-reach telehandler for this is so that the water can be targeted exactly where it is required instead of firing water up from ground level. This increases the machines efficiency, helping to keep water usage under control—reducing costs. One of the most innovative aspects is the remote-control system.

The Dust Fighter can be controlled either from on the ground or by the operator inside the cab of the demolition excavator. Making this a one-person process and maximising personnel efficiency. By being able to control the Dust Fighter remotely this also helps to reduce water usage as the unit can be oscillated, angle adjusted and turned on and off instantaneously as required. 

The machine was on-site in Nottingham, providing Dust Suppression for the demolition of the Broadmarsh multi-storey car park.

This £250million regeneration project aims to transform the area south of the city centre with improved shopping, leisure and restaurant facilities in a vibrant new environment. 

Manitou MT1840(18m)
Dust Fighter
Water Capacity
3 X 400L
Water Throw
Empty: 15T
Telehandler Dust Fighter Case Study

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