Forklift Hire: How Can It Help?

Here at Ace Plant we have been offering plant machinery for hire and for sale for 45 years, and we are always striving to grow the range of machinery available to our loyal customer base. That’s why in 2022 Manitou M 30-4 forklifts are joining the hire roaster! These machines are extremely versatile, and are capable of lifting up to 3000kg with a maximum lift height of 7 metres. To mark the news, we thought it would be beneficial to explore the key benefits of forklift hire, and how it might be able to help you.

Forklift Hire Offers Flexibility

Much like all hire equipment, forklift hire offers maximum flexibility to businesses. With forklift hire, it allows you to only be paying for as and when you need the equipment. For example, perhaps you have just secured a large construction project, or you’re a retailer expecting a busy Christmas period; forklift hire could be the perfect option for you. Forklifts can be hired for as little as a week all the way up to years (or more), offering expert flexibility for your requirements. You can even easily add forklifts to your fleet if you need more than expected!

Forklift Hire Maintenance

Repairs, maintenance, breakdowns and servicing can be expensive on any piece of machinery, including forklifts, and beyond this, you also need to consider the downtime that naturally comes with broken down machines. When hiring forklifts, Ace Plant will ensure to service them regularly to avoid any faults, and if your machine does break down we will always try to make repairs onsite. If this is not possible, we will supply you with a replacement ASAP so your project is delayed as little as possible.

Quality Forklift Hire

When looking at your options for obtaining a forklift, there are usually three main choices to consider; buying new, buying used or hiring. Purchasing a new forklift of course guarantees a high-quality machine, but at a very high investment, whereas purchasing second-hand can almost be like a coin flip, it could pay off or it could lead to an array of issues. However, with forklift hire, you get the best of both worlds - a high-quality and well-maintained forklift, at an affordable price and fantastic flexibility.

Forklift Hire Can Increase Productivity & Efficiency

Beyond the other benefits mentioned, forklift hire can aid in relieving stress and pressure on your workforce by allowing the machines to do all of the heavy work, improving efficiency and productivity. Of course, you may already have forklifts on your site or in your warehouse, but when those particularly busy periods approach your current fleet might not be enough, forklift hire can relieve this pressure for both short- or long-term periods, allowing your business to operate at maximum productivity.

If you are interested in any of our hire equipment then please do visit our dedicated pages or contact us here to find out more information regarding the plant hire process and how Ace Plant can help you!



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