Staying Safe Around Plant Machinery

Plant machinery refers to heavy machines and equipment, including telehandlers, forklifts, wheeled dumpers, rollers, excavators and much more. Plant machinery is commonly used across many different sectors and industries, from construction to farming and events to factory work. Of course, plant machinery is fantastic and enhances operations and capabilities. However, it is vital that those both operating and surrounding plant machinery stay safe.

There is a magnitude of health and safety precautions that must be considered to ensure that these risks and potential hazards are mitigated. In this article, we are going to explore the potential risks and how to ensure you and your workforce are protected around plant machinery.

Plant Machinery Training

All workers who are tasked with operating plant machinery should be sufficiently trained to not only protect themselves but also protect those who are around them. It is also important to ensure that workers are trained on the correct model of machine or equipment in question. For example, although an individual may be trained to use a specific model of forklift, this does not mean that they can safely operate every model of forklift. It is never safe to assume that workers can safely operate plant machinery without proof of qualification or proper training.

Conduct A Risk Assessment

It is always important to assess the potential hazards that could occur, allowing you to take necessary action to mitigate these risks. It is best to have a qualified safety officer conduct a risk assessment on whatever kind of job site you operate on. This will allow you to fully understand the potential hazards and take appropriate steps to prevent them from ever occurring.

Ensure Correct PPE Is Worn When Necessary

Before anyone even begins to operate a piece of heavy equipment or machinery, it is necessary that all operators and those surrounding are supplied with the correct personal protective equipment (PPE). At a basic level, workers should be wearing at least the following, depending on the nature of the operation:

  • Hard hat (or another form of head protection)
  • High-visibility (hi-vis) clothing
  • Steel toe cap boots
  • Eye protection (could be goggles, safety glasses or a face shield)
  • Gloves when appropriate
  • Ear protection (depending on the nature of work and the noise that it produces)

PPE should always be available to workers when necessary and is vital to ensuring their protection from any forms of hazards or potential risks when working on a busy job site, factory, farm or any other high-risk area.

Regular Maintenance & Servicing

Regular maintenance and servicing of your plant machinery are just as important as servicing and maintaining your car. Not only is it about ensuring that your machine is operating at optimal performance, but it is also about protecting those who use them and the people surrounding them. No matter whether you own or hire RollersWheeled DumpersExcavators or Telehandlers, having the peace of mind that your machinery functions as expected is something that only regular servicing and maintenance can provide.

Here at Ace Plant, we ensure that all of our Hired Machinery & Equipment is regularly serviced and maintained. The combination of our highly trained plant technicians and our fully equipped workshops allow for expert services to ensure that all hired products are fully functional and safe for peak performance all year long.

Health and Safety Signs

Although this may seem like something small, health and safety signs can make the difference between a hazard happening or not. It should always be signed on a job site near hazardous areas, including vehicle entrances and exits, where machinery is being operated, where hazardous equipment is kept and when workers should be wearing certain types of PPE. Don’t let this simple practice slip under the radar!

Here at Ace Plant, we hire and sell some of the highest quality pieces of plant machinery available on the market and always ensure that our machinery and equipment arrive at you in a safe state! If you need to either hire or purchase plant machinery then get in contact with us today to find out more.

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