The Benefits of Forklifts at Work

Forklifts are incredibly common in warehouses, storage facilities, distribution centres and many other facilities and industry sectors. Forklifts are a type of plant machinery that is used primarily for the movement and lifting of large and heavy objects. Forklifts greatly increase the operating efficiency of many workplaces, and provide a variety of other benefits to workforces and places.

In this article, we are going to explore the benefits of forklifts in the workplace and how they can benefit your workforce.

Forklifts Increase Safety

One of the main benefits of utilising forklifts is that they greatly increase the safety of operations. Providing that drivers and those surrounding forklifts have been trained properly, they can minimise the risk of accidents and injury. Prior to forklifts becoming popular, many factories and other industries would need to use manual methods of lifting and manoeuvring using a roper system or pulleys. These systems are nowhere near as safe as utilising a forklift, increasing the chances of both injuries to employees and damage to goods/stock.

Forklifts Increase Efficiency

Forklifts can help in relieving pressure and stress on your workforce, by allowing the machines to conduct all of the heavy work for them, improving productivity and efficiency. Tasks can also be completed in a shorter timeframe as lifting and manoeuvring can be done in one swift sequence, rather than having to implement and use multiple manual methods.

Expert Manoeuvrability & Load Capacity

Forklifts are among some of the smallest driveable pieces of machinery out there, as their compact size allows them to fit in relatively small spaces and have the capabilities to turn in various directions. Despite their compact size, their lifting power is immense. For example, the Manitou M30-4 forklift has a lifting capacity of up to 3000kg, with a maximum lifting height of 7 meters. Of course, varying forklifts have varying capabilities, ensuring you get the right size with relevant lifting capacity is key.

Enhance Your Productivity

Forklifts reduce the need for human requirements on certain jobs or tasks, allowing you to increase your productivity. Utilising a forklift or multiple forklifts means that per forklift you only need one member of staff operating each machine, whereas manual methods may require three or more. By needing only one person per forklift, it essentially means that you are using fewer resources for the same level of output, if not an even higher output. A forklift can either save on labour costs or alternatively, employees can undertake other important operations.

Hiring With Ace Plant

Here at Ace Plant, we have been offering plant machinery for hire and for sale for 45 years, and we are always striving to grow the range of machinery available to our loyal customer base. That’s why in 2022 Manitou M 30-4 forklifts are joining the hire roster! If you are interested in any of our hire equipment then please do visit our dedicated pages, or contact us here to find out more information regarding the plant hire process and how Ace Plant can help you!

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