The Main Advantages of Plant Hire

At Ace Plant, we understand the need for bigger tools and machinery when those large-scale projects come along, we also know that not all companies have the facilities to purchase these tools or machinery. Plant machinery is not only expensive to initially purchase, but it is also costly to maintain, store and service, and this is where the main advantages of plant hire come into play. Well, if you are considering plant hire, then you’re in the right place! From excavators to telehandlers and lighting towers to Bunded storage, Ace Plant has your hire needs covered.

Save Money with Plant Hire

Of course, everybody wants to save money wherever they can, especially when it can increase your profit margin. As purchase costs are so high for new plant machinery, it is no wonder that this reason alone is why so many decide to hire their plant machinery rather than buying it outright. The depreciation percentage on new plant machinery is similar to cars as well, as soon as it is purchased the machines value falls significantly. Plant hire instead of purchase means that you only need to pay for what you need, as and when you need it.

Plant Hire Maintenance & Service

If a machine breaks down in the middle of a project, it can cause delays in the completion of the project, and can even stop a whole job site from operating. Repairs and other maintenance fixes/cover can be extremely expensive, and can sometimes still take a long time to resolve. However, at Ace Plant, we take care off all servicing and repairs on all of our hired plant machinery. We will always aim to repair machinery onsite, but if we cannot we will get a replacement machine sent to you as quickly as possible, minimising your downtime significantly.

Guaranteed High Quality Equipment

At Ace Plant, we monitor, clean, service and maintain all of plant hire machinery, meaning you are guaranteed to be hiring plant machinery that is up to industry standard and beyond. When purchasing machinery, you may have to end up buying second-hand due to the sheer cost of new machinery, this can sometimes be like taking a lucky dip on quality. However, when hiring you can ensure that you get the exact machinery you want at a fraction of the price, exactly when you need it.

Fully Flexible Plant Hire

Having spent such a long time in the industry, we understand how important flexibility is within construction. Sometimes you need machinery at a moment’s notice, or timings change and you need your hired plant machinery for longer than expected. Here at Ace Plant, we have the facilities and expertise to facilitate all of these needs. All of our plant machinery for hire (excluding salt spreaders) are available to hire for a minimum charge of one week all the way up to however long you can imagine, we also offer discounted prices on longer time periods.

If you are interested in any of our hire equipment then please do visit our dedicated pages or contact us here to find out more information regarding the plant hire process and how Ace Plant can help you!

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