Tractor Hire: Benefits & Advantages

The working year is unpredictable, and there could be circumstances where you find yourself needing an agricultural tractor or extra tractors to add to your fleet temporarily to ensure that work is completed on time. You could massively save on costs, as well as unlock further additional benefits that can come with tractor hire.

Tractors are designed to pull very heavy weights at slow speeds and are commonly utilised, but not limited to, formwork. And even still now, tractors are used to complete most jobs on farms thanks to their expert design and engineering. Heavy loads or machinery can be pulled effortlessly by tractors, also making them ideal for large scale events or construction projects.

Full Flexibility with Tractor Hire

When hiring a tractor instead of buying, you unlock new levels of flexibility; whether you are looking for long-, medium- or short-term hire, all are available at your disposal when you’re hiring with Ace Plant. You can even add to your fleet throughout your agreed hire period if necessary, as well as easily extend the length of time that you hire from us. We have a whole range of tractors available for hire, so no matter what your needs, we will have the right tractor for you. With tractor hire, you also provide yourself with the opportunity to test out different models to see what suits your requirement the best.

Tractor Hire Maintenance

If your tractor encounters a breakdown or requires a repair, it is very likely to slow your project down, or potentially, even bring it to halt altogether. When you hire a tractor from Ace Plant, no matter what its intended purpose, we ensure to take care of all servicing, maintenance and repairs. We will even attempt to repair your hired tractor onsite, however, if this is not possible we will ensure that a replacement tractor is sent out to you as quickly as possible.

Access to The Latest Machinery with Tractor Hire

Another advantage to opting to hire a tractor instead of buying one outright is that you will have access to some of the very latest machinery and equipment on the market. Purchasing such equipment can often be out of the question due to the high price, however when hiring the cost becomes much more affordable, granting you access to the very best machinery and equipment. As well as this, tractors may become obsolete quicker than you might think. Meaning that if you do purchase a tractor, your model could become out-of-date and you could suffer financial loss.

Ace Plant Tractor Hire

Here at Ace Plant, we stock a range of John Deere tractors available for hire, from the small yet powerful John Deere 6105M to the largest tractor in our range, the John Deere 6155M. We also have a John Deere 6195M on the fleet available for hire. To find out more about our tractors for hire please contact us here; one of our friendly team will always be happy to help!

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