What are the benefits of hiring dust suppression equipment?

When it comes to construction sites, industrial areas and quarries, controlling dust levels is of paramount importance. As specialists in dust control equipment and Bunded Diesel and Adblue Storage at Ace Plant, we are here to help explain why investing in suppression equipment may be a worthwhile choice - protecting your staff, equipment, and saving you costs in the long run.

Safeguarding employees

Exposure to high levels of dust poses significant health risks to workers: continuously inhaling dust can lead to respiratory issues like lung disease, silicosis and asthma. Dust suppression equipment uses water to restrict the number of dust particles becoming airborne, resulting in workers on-site breathing fresher air. Protecting your employees by controlling dust particles not only increases morale and productivity, but is often a standard requirement within health and safety regulations, so it’s important to ensure that your business is operating correctly under the guidance of safe dust levels.  

Protecting equipment

Exposure to dust poses a risk to workers, but it can damage your equipment too. High levels of dust can clog up air filters or small parts of your machinery that are hard to reach and clean. This could incur maintenance and cleaning issues, reduce your machine’s efficiency, and could even lead to eventual damage and breakdown.

Lowering maintenance costs

Suppressing dust levels on-site reduces wear on your equipment and hence minimises the chances of replacing machinery or parts in the future. Repair work can be costly, but also consider the health and safety risks involved with regular cleaning of dusty equipment like straining or lifting. Therefore, suppressing dust levels can be a preventative measure, allowing your workforce to focus on the job at hand.  

Increasing visibility

Another dangerous consequence of dust pollution is the obstruction of vision on site. Not only does reduced visibility compromise worker safety, but it can also pose a hazard to nearby roads or residential areas. Reduced visibility due to dusty air particles increases the chances of road accidents, so it’s crucial to prevent this when overseeing a project.  

Controlling the dust levels on-premises presents an abundance of benefits: it can protect employees and equipment, prevent future maintenance costs and ultimately boost profits. At Ace Plant, we offer a wide range of dust suppression equipment to suit your needs. We have a large range of reliable systems available for short and long-term hire periods. In addition, we offer a variety of new and used equipment for sale. For more information about any of our dust suppression units, get in touch today and our friendly team can help you.

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