Where are lighting towers used?

What is a lighting tower?

From construction sites and roadworks to large events like festivals or weddings, good lighting and well-illuminated spaces are critical.  A lighting tower is a piece of equipment consisting of a mast and lamp that can be mounted onto different applications. Portable and mobile, lighting towers are easy to set up and can be erected quickly making them ideal lighting solutions in a wide variety of places. Here at Ace Plant, we offer a range of lighting towers for hire and sale, suited to various requirements. With the wide variety of environments in which lighting towers can be used, we are here to help explain the various ways this piece of high-quality equipment can make a practical addition to your setting.

Highway maintenance

For roadworks taking place at nighttime, high levels of visibility are vital.  Carrying out highway maintenance through the night in otherwise poorly lit areas would be virtually impossible without lighting towers; by providing strong and effective illumination, they improve visibility and safety two-fold. When choosing lighting towers for your roadworks job, it is important to consider the radius of the space that needs illuminating, and ensure that you have even light distribution across all areas. In this setting, worker safety is paramount so be sure to invest in a high-quality lighting tower that will last through the night.

Construction sites

Similarly to roadside maintenance, suitable light levels are crucial for manual work in places such as construction sites and farms. Often, construction sites present challenging conditions such as rocky terrain or different steps as workers must be able to see their routes at all hours of the day. It’s therefore important to choose a lighting tower that can run continuously for hours to cover the timeframe of the construction project. To tackle dark nights and early mornings, lighting towers can feature dusk and dawn indicators, meaning when sunlight reaches a certain level the lights will change accordingly.


In some cases, strong effective lighting is required on a more temporary basis. Events such as music festivals often run well into the night, with campers needing to make their way back to their tents in the early hours of the morning. With well-lit pedestrian paths required 24 hours a day, lighting towers make the perfect solution. By providing consistent lighting, they increase pedestrian safety, reduce the chance of security issues and injuries and ultimately improve the visitor experience of your event. Lighting towers can be used at a range of events where high volumes of guests are expected, alongside places like car parks and temporary pop-up facilities such as COVID-19 testing centres. 

When it comes to lighting towers, there is an abundance of applications and places in which they can be used. If you require this equipment temporarily, why not consider hiring one from our high-quality, well-maintained fleet? For help deciding which lighting tower is best for you and your environment, give us a call on 01908 562191 or email us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help!

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