Bucket Bundie Store

The beauty of the Bucket Bundie Store is its simplicity. There is no need for lifting with chains or slings which is becoming more difficult to do in the industry in terms of health & safety. Simply using the loading shovel already on site negates the need and risks involved with lifting. Furthermore, there is no need for a pallet fork attachment. This saves both valuable time and money when transporting the unit around sites and between site.

Unlike a towable unit, the Bucket Bundie Store is also able to gain safe access to difficult spaces and tight areas. What's more, visibility can be a real issue when reversing towable units and the need for expensive camera kits is often the solution for this, however, the Bucket Bundie Store is no wider than the loading shovel bucket itself so anywhere the loading shovel can gain access to, so can the Bucket Bundie unit.

Suitable to house, 25L drums as well as tools, parts and service kits in one safe and secure location on site.

Bucket Bundie Store Specification

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