2250L Dust Suppression Unit

Complete with petrol driven water pump and rear splash plate, these units are perfect for towing behind most vehicles which can take a ring hitch (subject to drawbar height).

Complete with 4 inch top fill, it is literally a question of filling the unit with water and starting the petrol engine pump in order to achieve effective Dust Suppression to a width of around 5 meters.

The unit is also complete with lifting eyes to enable another method of loading/off-loading as well as a ratchet handbrake.

Pump Type
Petrol Driven
Hitch Type
Ring Hitch
Ratchet Handbrake
Empty: 650kg (approx)
2250L/500gal DSU Specification

If you would like to find out more please give us a call on (01908) 562191 or alternatively you can email us on hire@aceplant.co.uk

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