4 Tips for Plant Machinery Maintenance

Plant machinery maintenance is essential if you’re looking to keep your machinery running smoothly, safely and for as long as possible! The Health and Safety Executive for the maintenance of work equipment states that an effective programme will make your equipment more reliable and will prevent faults going undetected – saving on costs in the long run and keeping people safe.

Check out our top tips to add to your plant machinery maintenance routine below. 

Some safety considerations for plant machinery maintenance:

  • Ensure maintenance is carried out by a competent person who can carry out the work safely.
  • Schedule maintenance work to minimise risk to other workers where possible.
  • Ensure that machines and moving parts are isolated or locked
  • Handle and dispose of all flammable, explosive or toxic materials safely and according to instructions.
  • Never use faulty or damaged equipment.

Tip #1: Regularly inspect for wear and tear 

Regular inspections of your plant machinery should be a core part of your plant machinery maintenance routine. Wear and tear includes any gradual damage or deterioration to your machine, usually a result of abrasion, corrosion or friction. This is normal within the lifecycle of your machinery, even with proper usage. However, it’s important to notice damage before it leads to a bigger or more costly issue.

Keep a log of any issues found during inspection, such as:

  • Worn bearings
  • Scuffs
  • Worn tyres and tracks

Tip #2: Keep your equipment clean as a regular step in your plant machinery maintenance programme

Hosing down and cleaning your equipment should be something you do as a regular part of your plant machinery maintenance, on a daily basis if you encounter lots of mud, dust and debris. Working in quarries or on agricultural or construction sites will mean that your machine will accumulate lots of dirt and grime.

Regularly cleaning your equipment not only keeps your machines looking professional and presentable, but can also be a preventative measure against health and safety issues. Pieces of dirt and debris can accumulate and become lodged in vital parts, such as rollers or tracks. Often, pressure washing is the most effective way to forcefully remove mud and grime from your equipment, leaving it in its ideal condition for its next use.

Tip #3: Check lubricant levels during plant machinery maintenance

Whether you own an excavator, a telehandler or dust suppression equipment, you will be well aware that most machines rely on lubricant to keep them in good working order. Lubricant is vital to reduce the wear and friction of moving parts, keeping your machine in smooth, working order for longer.

As part of your plant machinery maintenance, ensure that your machine has sufficient lubricant levels. Always refer to the manufacturer’s specification for guidance on the type of lubricant you should be using.

According to the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1988 (PUWER), there is a duty on companies to ensure that equipment is maintained in a safe condition so as to prevent deterioration – ensuring adequate lubrication levels in your machinery is vital from a regulatory perspective, too.

Tip #4: Storage is an important part of your plant machinery maintenance routine

How much thought do you put into the storage of your equipment? This goes for equipment that’s used regularly as well as machines used on a more seasonal basis, such as your winterisation equipment.

Keeping machines inside when not in use protects them from moisture, sunlight and harsh weather conditions, reducing wear and improving the lifespan of your equipment. While it might be unfeasible to keep all of your machines indoors at all times, it’s worth keeping your fleet within a covered area, or at least covering them with a waterproof tarpaulin sheet as part of your daily plant machinery maintenance routine.

Did you know that we can perform servicing and inspections of our customers’ equipment at Ace Plant? We also offer comprehensive after-sales servicing packages to ensure that your plant machinery is running effectively. For more information about our hire or plant machinery maintenance services at Ace Plant, please contact our team today using our online enquiry form, or give us a call on 01908 562191.



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