Event buggy hire for 2024: A complete guide

Planning an event this year and looking for the best event buggy hire options? We have you covered! We’ve updated our guide for 2024 to help you decide on the best event buggy hire option for your needs.

What is event buggy hire used for?

Event buggy hire is a popular choice for a whole range of outdoor events. They’re an excellent option for sporting events and corporate events hosted outdoors, both medium and large. Buggies enable guests and staff to get around your site quickly and keep things running smoothly. So, whether you have a sporting tournament coming up or a business fair in the pipeline, event buggy hire is what you’re looking for.

Event buggy hire for festivals

One of the most popular reasons for event buggy hire is for summer festivals. Festival sites are often very large, and getting people across the site quickly or moving supplies around is essential for a logistically smooth experience. We work with many festival organisers to provide quality hire equipment when they need it.

It’s never too early to get in touch to book event buggy hire for your 2024 or 2025 summer festival!

5 advantages of event buggy hire

Event buggy hire offers a number of advantages for event organisers.

  1. Management is made more efficient – no matter whether you’re at a sporting tournament or a summer festival, you can’t be everywhere at once! That’s where event buggy hire comes in particularly handy for event management staff who need to be able to get around their site efficiently. To enable efficient communication, organisation and execution of events, it’s crucial to hire an event vehicle.
  2. Comfort for attendees – the distance between the car park and main site can be an issue for attendees. Providing the option of buggy transfer can make all the difference. Event buggies can improve the accessibility of outdoor events for those less able to get around waterlogged fields on foot, for instance.
  3. Shuttle for VIPs – some VIPs might specify shuttle transfers as a prerequisite for their attendance. Event buggy hire enhances the security of your event, meaning our vehicles can double up as both a practical and security measure when shuttling guests around your sporting, commercial or music event.
  4. Transport supplies with ease – did you know that our Kubota 4 seater utility vehicle can convert into a 2 seater with extra loading space? Our buggies also boast under seat storage. This makes them the perfect tool for any event, festival or site with logistical demands. Supplies such as sporting equipment, speakers, stands or stalls can easily be transported to where they are needed on site.
  5. Can operate across all terrains – worried about rough terrains or unpredictable, British weather? Our utility vehicles are fortunately equipped to be able to operate on all kinds of terrains, including muddy, uneven or rocky ground. Our Kubota 4 seater and John Deere buggy have selectable 4 wheel drive and diff lock, meaning that the rear differential can be locked for greater traction off-road when it’s muddy.

How to choose the best event buggy hire option for your event

So, with a range of options to choose from, how can you decide on the best event buggy hire option for your applications?

Firstly, there are a couple of important questions to think about to help you choose the best fit:

Does my buggy need to be road legal?

We have road legal options available, including out Kubota 2-seater. However, please specify at the point of hire if you require a road legal unit, as we keep some of our fleet as off-road vehicles only.

How many seats do I need?

Our fleet consists of 2-seater and 4-seater models, and our 4-seater models can be easily converted into 2 seaters, with the added benefit of longer load bays – just let us know what you need!

Our range of event buggies for hire

  • Kubota 2-seater – 500kg cargo bed capacity and 590kg towing capacity with braked trailer
  • Kubota 4-seater – 500kg/300kg cargo bed capacity (long/short) and 1000kg towing capacity with braked trailer
  • John Deere 2-seater – 454kg cargo bed capacity and 680kg towing capacity with braked trailer

With 50 years of experience in equipment hire, our team can assist you in finding the best event buggy hire option for your event. To find out more about the utility vehicle hire options we offer, call us today on 01908 562191 or email us at [email protected]. Alternatively, fill out one of our enquiry forms and an expert from our team will get back to you shortly.



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