A Guide to Choosing the Right Telehandler Attachments for 2024

We understand that one of the most essential reasons for telehandler hire is the need for multifunctionality (check out the other 4 benefits here). Changing attachments between loads means a singular telehandler can do the job of countless machines. From tipping skips to fork extensions, Kramer & Manitou telehandlers can be hired from Ace Plant with specialist attachments to suit your needs.

If you’re thinking about hiring additional equipment to enhance your telehandler’s capabilities but aren’t sure what to choose, look no further! Our helpful guide will inform you on the different types of telehandler attachments and the best ways to put them to use in your business.

Lifting larger loads with telehandler attachments


Fork extensions

If you need to lift a variety of loads, our 6ft fork extensions are a versatile addition to your telehandler hire. Fork extensions temporarily elongate the length of a lift’s existing forks and are safely installed atop the forks with securing pins for extra safety. With this telehandler attachment, your lifting and loading abilities are limitless, without having to compromise on safety.

2t & 5t hook attachments

The role of 2t & 5t Hook attachments are to increase the lifting weight capacity of unpalletised loads. These hook attachments are fitted over the existing pallet forks with securing pins to hold them in place safely. By hiring 2t & 5t hook telehandler attachments from Ace Plant, you’ll be able to increase your lifting capacity and get the most out of your telehandler hire with us!

Maintaining a clean, safe work environment with telehandler attachments


General-purpose bucket

Usually, a general-purpose bucket is used for loading loose material – this could be dirt, gravel or any other bulk material that needs to be transferred from one area to another. This attachment is the key to carrying materials, loading trailers and cleaning up your site. The general-purpose bucket telehandler attachment is compatible with each of our Manitou telehandlers for hire, from the smallest of the range - Manitou MT 420 H - to the largest - Manitou MT1840. As the most widely used telehandler attachment, the general-purpose bucket is vital in maintaining clean, safe work practices to regulation standard.

Tipping skips

Ace Plant also offers another Kramer & Manitou telehandler attachment that aims to make site clearing a more efficient, safe process – tipping skips. Tipping Skips relieve the burden of removing general waste by collecting material until at capacity. When the Tipping Skip is full, the waste can be simply and safely transferred into a larger skip. One of the main benefits of this telehandler attachment is that it prevents the need for forklift use; the functional design of the telehandler offers a full, unrestricted range of movement, resulting in no additional, unnecessary machinery and a safe, efficient work environment.

At Ace Plant we are committed to using our breadth of knowledge to help your business thrive. If you’re looking for a more tailored discussion on your telehandler hire, please get in touch via the contact form to speak to a member of our team.


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