Rollers for Hire

Equipment hire has a number of benefits, and hiring rollers- also known as compactor rollers- is no exception. From the uses of rollers to the reasons why you should consider hiring one, this article will tell you all you need to know about the rollers Ace Plant have for hire.


What are the uses of rollers?

Rollers work by compacting foundation and base materials to ensure a stable surface is left behind. There are a number of types of rollers, including cylindrical, grid, pneumatic, and vibratory, and single and double drum options also exist. Our rollers at Ace Plant are vibratory, double drum models which compact materials such as stone, asphalt, gravel and soil by vibrating the naturally loose particles within these materials. This means that the chances of foundation shifting are greatly reduced as settling and shrinking is eliminated due to tight compaction of particles. Furthermore, double drum rollers significantly increase load bearing capacity, and can improve the stability properties of your foundation surface.


Why hire a roller?

Hiring a roller from Ace Plant brings with it a number of benefits involving the cost factor, flexibility and convenience for you as the user, and guaranteed high quality performance.


Cost Factor

When it comes to plant hire of any kind, cost considerations are often a significant factor involved in the decision making process. For customers who know they only need to use a roller for a short period time, purchasing equipment is an unnecessary investment, as the amount of usage will not warrant the price. Hiring equipment is much cheaper for short term projects and for independent customers too, who might be looking for a roller that they can use for domestic construction and hard landscaping projects.

Additionally, the costs incurred in maintenance and servicing is avoided by going down the equipment hire route as Ace Plant naturally takes care of this for you - simply pay for what you use.


Flexibility and convenience

Roller hire offers flexibility and convenience, allowing you to choose when you wish to use the equipment and how long for. By hiring equipment, storage is less of an issue which is particularly significant for individuals working on smaller scale domestic renovation and construction projects.

As well as this, plant hire is a way to keep your project flexible and adaptable, as you can pick and choose equipment as and when you need it, including rollers which you might need at short notice or for a very specific period of time.


Guaranteed Quality

Hiring equipment from Ace Plant guarantees that you will receive a high-quality piece of machinery for your construction applications. Without even having to worry about technicalities of maintenance or servicing, you can rest assured knowing that the roller you hire has been regularly and thoroughly inspected and maintained to the highest standard.


By making use of Ace Plant’s roller hiring service, we guarantee a high-quality experience, with a range of benefits. Download our roller specifications, or view or full range of hire equipment on offer. Alternatively, contact us for more information on our equipment hire services.


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