What dust suppression equipment is right for me?

Dust suppression equipment is an invaluable addition to many different sites and environments. After researching the multiple advantages of using dust suppression methods, you may be ready to hire or purchase this equipment. But with the vast range of sizes, capacities and applications available, how do you choose which dust suppression equipment is the right for you? At Ace Plant, we’re here to help you decide which dust control option may be best suited to your needs.

How large is your site?

When choosing to hire dust suppression equipment, a major factor in your decision-making process should be the size of your site. Dust control methods can be used across a wide range of environments, including car parks, quarry roads, farms, and construction sites. With this in mind, the first thing to consider is how large your site is and how much of your site requires dust control.

What capacity do you require?

Once you have assessed the scale of your area, you can then decide on the capacity of dust suppression equipment needed. At Ace Plant, we manufacture one of the largest ranges of dust suppression units in a variety of capacities and sizes. If your site is small, consider our 2250L unit, which is easily towable behind most vehicles, and achieves a spray of 5 metres. For larger sites, we offer a 9000L tractor-operated unit which provides a much higher volume of water application. If your site lies in between sizes, our 7200L unit may be a worthwhile choice: it offers a high volume application whilst being slightly more compact in size. As another option, we also offer a 1800L telehandler/loader mounted Quickspray unit. This unit is incredibly efficient as it utilises our carbon fibre spinning disc to atomise water into a fine mist.

Do you need to tow it?

Being able to tow your dust suppression unit behind your vehicle or tractor is highly advantageous. With this in mind, most of our units are towable, meaning they can be transported easily to wherever you need them. Alongside our towable units, the SMART Dust Fighter is a light and portable option that is ideal for smaller working areas, achieving an impressive reach of 13 metres.

Hire or Buy?

Once you have decided upon the suitable dust suppression unit for your site, you should consider whether you want to hire or buy your equipment. We have a large range of reliable systems available for short and long-term hire periods. In addition, we offer a variety of new and used equipment for sale.

As specialists in dust control equipment, alongside Bunded Diesel, AdBlue Storage and more, here at Ace Plant we have a vast range of high-quality plant for hire and sale. For more information about any of our equipment, or to discuss how dust suppression methods can help you, contact us today using our online enquiry form, email us at [email protected] or give us a call on 01908 562191.

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