What is a dust suppression system?

What is dust suppression?

Dust suppression is a process used to restrict airborne dust particles. Dust suppression systems often spray a fine mist of water and in different environments such as quarries, construction sites and roads.  Dust suppression systems are used frequently to combat dust on sites and at Ace Plant, we make use of our engineering experience to develop a wide range of effective dust suppression equipment to suit our customer’s requirements.

How does dust suppression equipment work?

Dust can be challenging to manage once it is airborne. Dust suppression uses water to reduce the number of dust particles becoming airborne in many different environments. Spraying dust with water increases the weight of each dust particle, making it harder for them to become airborne.  Dust suppression equipment comes in various shapes and sizes, from towable units to telehandler and loader mounted attachments

What are the benefits of using dust suppression?

There are many advantages of using dust control applications in environments prone to volumes of dust. In places like quarries, dust can pose health and safety risks for workers, and suppressing dust level on-site helps to protect both people and equipment. Reducing dust levels, in turn, reduces the risk of respiratory factors, alongside improving visibility on-site. Investing in dust suppression equipment can be a financially good move, potentially saving you maintenance and clean-up costs in the future. 

Which dust suppression system is right for me?

At Ace Plant, we offer a variety of dust suppression systems with different capabilities and functions. For smaller sites, a suitable option may be one of our smallest units, our 2250L towable dust suppression unit range, which can achieve dust suppression to a width of around 5 metres. Our largest unit has a 9000L capacity, an ideal option for sites that require a high volume of water application.

Optional extras for our 5200L, 7200L and 9000L units include rainguns, road wash systems and spinning discs which are all effective Dust Suppression solutions. Here at Ace Plant, we have also developed our self-contained Dust Fighter, complete with a remote control that allows full operation of the unit at a distance. 

When it comes to choosing a suitable dust suppression system for your needs, you may want to consider whether you want to hire or buy your equipment. We have a large range of reliable systems available for short and long-term hire periods. In addition, we offer a variety of new and used equipment for sale.

About Ace Plant

At Ace Plant, we have over 45 years of experience in plant hire and sales. As specialists in Dust Suppression and Bunded Diesel and AdBlue Storage, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and our wealth of expertise within the industry.

From 2250L to 9000L, we manufacture one of the largest ranges of mobile Dust Suppression units. We have a long and solid history in engineering, with the knowledge and experience to build bespoke products to meet your specific requirements. Since our founding in 1973, we have now grown into a wide variety of industries including Quarrying, Civil Engineering, Waste Management, Construction, Demolition and more.

For more information about any of our dust suppression equipment or wider services, contact us today and we’ll be happy to help. 



Is there a minimum hire period for your equipment?

Typically, we supply equipment on a one-week minimum hire period

Do I need to provide insurance for equipment for hire?

Yes you do, we require proof of hired-in plant insurance before the start of any hire.

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